Images disappear at end of slide's timeline

Oct 03, 2012


I have a slide that is acting quirky. All of the static images on the slide are flush against the end of the timeline-they're supposed to be seen throughout the animation. But when it's published, some of the images disappear. If I manipulate the length of the timeline, making it in increment longer, still keeping everything flush to the end, all of the images disappear a split second before the timeline runs out, leaving the user staring at a blank screen instead of the scene that should still be there. 

Here's a demo:


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Helene Caura


I have the same issue. The objects that are not ticked "show until the end" DO STAY after the timeline finishes, but I have one picture that disappears, although I clicked "stay until the end". The only difference with these pictures is that one arrives at 2sec, whereas the other one is there since the beginning of the timeline. 

Any idea why an image disappears before the end of the timeline, even when the little arrow showing it should be shown after is there?

Kristin Augusta

I'm having this same issue.  I can't post the sample here because it has client account information.  But it's a screencast slide in view mode.  I put rectangles over the client account information and set to "Show Always" and even went back and undid that and did "Show Until End" so that was checked and then set "Show Always" so that even in the grayed out state, "Show Until End" is checked.  But those rectangles just keep going away at the end of the slide, leaving all of that client info glaringly obvious - because when the rectangles go away, it almost makes it look like I am flashing them the info!  Anyone have ideas?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristen,

So, it's a single video recording, correct? Does sound a bit strange - are you able to share anything from the file? Maybe a screenshot of the timeline?

If you'd like, you're welcome to send the file in to us using a support case. If you'd like, you can request my attention in the case details. I'd be happy to take a look. If I can't figure out what's happening, I can request the assistance of our support team.


Kristin Augusta

OMGoodness.  I am such a dork.  I figured it out.  When Storyline created the individual slides from my screencast, the rectangles and captions were all set to animation "fade out" - so even though it was the end of the timeline, those "faded out" right as the timeline ended.  I removed the animation and issue is resolved.

Hopefully, this will help someone in the future who has a "brunette" moment! 

Tessa Maki


I'm so glad I'm not the only dork! We had a similar issue several weeks ago and when I happened to read this I realized that the default animation of fade out is exactly what was causing our issues. (If I explained all the details, it would prove I'm an even bigger dork. ) Away, wanted to let you know that you didn't have to wait long to help someone. Thanks!

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