Import New Text-To-Speech Options?

Mar 02, 2020

Hi All,

I am in the midst of building out an e-learning program with Storyline and while I don't mind the options provided for TTS, I have received input from stakeholders who wish to have a more natural sounding voice. I searched for past discussion threads but found dead ends. Does anyone know if it's possible to import new TTS options into Storyline 360?


Madeline M. 

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Thor Melicher

Although Storyline doesn’t support Neural voices inside of Storyline yet (which are higher quality voices by Amazon Polly which is used by Storyline), I have created an application that can help streamline the process: 

  1. You’ll need an Amazon Polly account (yes, there is some cost involved but doesn’t seem that prohibitive) (
  2. Save your scripts to be encoded as separate files (MS Word or Text)
  3. Download HeroVoice TTS from the Microsoft Windows Store (fully functioning 15-day free trial)
  4. Encode your files with HeroVoice TTS
  5. Load each audio file into Storyline

HeroVoice TTS supports many of the requests that I’ve seen on the Storyline forums:

  • Adjust the overall speed of your files with one setting
  • Adjust the overall pause duration for commas
  • Add your own SSML to get more finer nuanced, naturally sounding results
  • Neural voices
  • Batch process your files