In Storyline can you globally change the font in Notes tabs only?

Hi!  Apologies if this is answered elsewhere in the forum, but I couldn't find it and was spending too much time looking.  In Storyline, is it possible to globally change the font in all my slides' Notes tab without changing what's on the body of the slides themselves?  I imported a PPT file and based on forum tutorials, I knew my fonts might come in a bit wonky--which they did.  I'm just hoping there's a quick an easy way of cleaning them up rather than going to each Notes tab of each slide individually for each of my three modules.

Does creating a Theme include the ability to specify the font/sizing for the Notes tab?  I didn't see the Notes tab mentioned in the Theme instructions, but maybe I missed that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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John Mayo

It remains INSANE that this feature has not been added. And what a quintessential Articulate support thread -- people requesting a feature repeatedly over a period of *seven years*, told over and over that it's been added as a feature request, with nothing ever changing.

This is hell on my efficiency as a developer and a great example of Articulate not having enough competition.

totrain developer

Hi All,

Does anyone know if this been added as a feature yet? 

I am currently editing a storyline file where one scene has over 50 slides alone. This is a very frustrating and time consuming task that needs to be addressed.

I also submitted a request so that when you are pasting objects from another slide it does not copy the length of the timeline. Again another time consuming task that would benefit a lot of people greatly if this was addressed.