Inaccurate score reporting in Taleo Learn (Storyline 3)

Our Taleo Learn LMS Administrators have guided us away from publishing in SCORM 2004 because of issues with completion status / score-reporting, but for our current module, the higher SCORM data limits are making 2004 (3rd Edition) a necessity.  The problem I'm about to describe is specific to the Taleo Learn LMS, since it does NOT occur when the course is published to SCORM Cloud: hoping someone in the community with more experience with the Taleo Learn + SCORM 2004 combination can assist....

We've tried publishing as "Complete/Incomplete" and "Pass/Fail," both of which fail to mark the course "Complete" and move it to the Transcript.  By publishing "Passed/Incomplete" the course moves to Transcript appropriately (progress!), but the reported quiz-score isn't always accurate: the 1st attempt score is accurately reported by the LMS. However, if the "Retry Quiz" button on the Results Slide is clicked, the LMS reports a score of 100% indefinitely. The LMS is apparently RECEIVING the correct scoring information (because the Pass/Fail status changes appropriately based on the most recent score), but once the "Retry Quiz" button is clicked, the score is always REPORTED as 100%. For programs in which we only need to document basic pass/fail, that might be acceptable, but for most courses, we need to be able to document an actual (accurate) score.  

FYI, when published using Pass/Incomplete in SCORM Cloud, scores are accurately reported/updated alongside accurately updated course-status.

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Chris Gonzalez

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or found a solution. We are having a very similar issue in Taleo Learn. What is happening with us is that a passing score will have 10% plus 1 added.

So for example, if you get 80%, click the Retry button, and immediately check your score in Learn (without actually retaking the test), the score gets changed to 89% in Learn. If you score 90% and click retry, the score is immediately changed to 100%. Naturally, this issue doesn't matter with a perfect score.

We have Learn set to treat failing scores as Incomplete/No score shown, and we don't have a problem with those.

Our only solution at this point is that once a passing score is achieved, no more attempts are allowed. But we'd rather give learners a chance to improve their score in a correct manner.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out to let us know that you're experiencing a similar issue. Since this conversation is a bit dated and it looks like you may be using Storyline 360, I'd like to start from the beginning and help you.

  • Can you explain the issue that you're currently experiencing?
  • If specific to your LMS, are you able to reproduce the issue in SCORM Cloud as well?
David Jumeau

I have recently did a SCORM 1.2 compliant course where the bookmarking did not function well. I would leave midway through an assessment and return to the 7th question when resuming the course. I discovered that removing all slide properties from "Resume saved state" to "Reset to Initial state" resolved it. So I am wondering if this has to do with the amount of information sent to the LMS.

Just my 2 cents.