Include the Volume button on customer player for selected slides

Hi community!

One of the features I really like in Storyline is the ability to select a custom player for selected slides. You can then show or hide player items such as the seekbar for the selected slide. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you show or hide the volume button. The volume button provides a visual cue about whether or not a slide contains audio. It would be great if Articulate could include it in this feature. In the meantime, does anyone know of a workaround?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Selina,

As you noted, that's not one of the options available for the "custom player" settings on an individual slide. You're welcome to share your thoughts here in the form of a feature request if you'd like to see that in a future update/version. 

I hope the community is able to share any other ideas or workarounds they've implemented with you here.