Initial disabled state and next button

May 05, 2023

I have the next button set to disabled when the timeline starts. The icons all have an initial state set to disabled. Once the learner clicks each icon (hotspot) the icon state changes to normal and shows the popup layer. The next button should not be set to normal until the learner has clicked on all 5 icons/hotspots. Upon previewing the slide the next button is not disabled from the start.

However, if I turn off the trigger for "set state of next button to normal when the state of (all the icons) is normal" then the next button does start out as disabled. So it appears to be something with this trigger causing the issue.

I've tried stripping out the popup layers and the next button still persists as normal before anything is clicked, despite the initial states being set to disabled.

I've attached the .story file for troubleshooting.

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