Inserting 360 degree images into StoryLine 360

Greetings!  I recently purchased a Gear 360 (2017) to try and learn how to use 360 degree images to create a virtual environment (long term goal).  Right now, I took a couple 360 degree images and would like to see if I can embed them into a SL360 project I'm currently working on.  It's a "nice to have" not "need to have" but I would still like to learn how to do it, if it is even possible.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Danny Blatt

I was able to accomplish this using PanotourPro to publish the 360 photo and embedding it in the .story file as a web object. You can't preview it within SL, but it works pretty well once published. 

If you need interaction between SL and the 360 photo, you'll need a bit of javascript and variable manipulation.

Danny Blatt

Panotour pro creates an HTML page (and a whole host of supporting files). This process is based off of that. If your software outputs something different, it may not work.

When inserting the web object, it asks for a URL. But if you click the folder to the right of the field, you can select a local folder or file. Be sure to select the box to display in the slide and to load the webobject automatically. This approach will lead to that folder/file will being added to the storyline output folder (a folder titled web_objects will be created in the storyline_content folder) and visible once you publish out the course.

This will embed a photosphere into the page that can be scrolled through (or use a tablet's accelerometer).

If you want to include clickable hotspots in that photosphere that affect circumstances in the SL course, you need to add javascript to the photosphere. Essentially, you want to communicate which hotspot was clicked in the photosphere to the larger SL file based on manipulating an integer variable. For example, clicking on Hotspot 1 in the photosphere changes the value of variable Hotspot_clicked to 1. Clicking on hotspot 2 in the photosphere changes the value to 2. You can then trigger actions in SL based on the value of Hotspot_clicked.

It's been a bit since I worked on this, I worry I don't have all the context on the Javascript code, so I don't want to muddy the waters with incomplete/incorrect specifics. But I'm sure there are other tutorials on this site about using Javascript to manipulate variables in SL.

Hope that helps.



Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the +1s on this hotly requested feature! We're working on the ability to add 360-degree media assets to your courses, and include various interactive elements to those assets. We're confident this feature will be in your hands by the end of the year.

Those are all the details I have, but we'll share more updates here as we have them!

Ren Gomez

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the follow-up. As mentioned earlier, we're working to get 360-degree images into your hands by the end of the year, and that still remains true.

Since you're now subscribed to this discussion, you'll be the first to be notified when this is ready to go! You can also stay up to date on this and other features in our roadmap below: