Inserting a vimeo video as an embedded web object

Aug 01, 2013

I have successfully followed instructions from this forum on how to embed a Youtube video as a web object in order that it can be published as html5 but cannot replicate this to embed a video on Vimeo.  Please can someone give me the code equivalent to toallow me to do this.

Many thanks

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Michael Hinze

It depends how you want to access the html5-based project. It seems Vimeo videos behave slightly differently in the Mobile Player App vs. in a HTML5-browser, e.g. Safari on iPad. I did a quick test (see here) that show three options:

1. Using the URL of the webpage containing a video in a web object, e.g.

2. Using the video's embed code in a video object, e.g. "

HEARTS LIKE OURS | The Naked & Famous from Campbell Hooper on Vimeo.


3. Using the video's URL from the embed code in a web object, e.g.

I suggest you experiment with these options and see which one work best for your project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Juanjo,

If you're using YouTube videos you'll need to use the option to insert as a web object described here. If you use the insert from website, it will not work within the Articulate Mobile player or HTML5 as indicated in the note here: 

Note: If you'll be delivering your Storyline courses via HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad, be aware that YouTube videos embedded in this manner ( Insert from website) won't work in these environments. Use the following method for embedding YouTube videos instead (Insert as web object). 

Shahid Ismail

Hi Ashley

I am trying to embed a youtube and a vimeo file in my articulate project, When i use the Web Object to insert the video nothing gets displayed.

I know it wont be displayed on Preview, but when i publish to Web and LMS it still doesnt work and nothing seems to appear on the screen.

I have even tried uploading it to SCORM Cloud and nothing there as well, not sure why it isnt working, i have followed the exact instructions from the following link:

still nothing, help needed



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shahid,

Could you share the embed code or link to the video you're working with from YouTube? If you've tested by publishing to a site such as SCORM Cloud (after using the publish to LMS method) that should have worked as expected.

It's also worth noting that if you add a restricted YouTube video to your Articulate content, you'll find that it doesn't play in your published output.

Matt Darga

I know this thread has not been visited for a few months but for future troubleshooters. To post Vimeo to a web object copy the embed code that Vimeo gives you and simply delete everything but the actual player link (in bold).

<iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Then add a https:// in front of it and you have the proper link. Take note that Articulate does not automatically add the 's' in 'https' so you will have to add it yourself.

Robert Eriksson

Hi! Tried Matts link

I am using for my project but this does not work in Chrome but it works however in IE, this is the fault code in Chrome:

the web object feature on this slide has been disabled while viewing locally because your browser does not support it.

If i paste the link in chrome it works but not inside Storyline

What settings are needed in Chrome for this to work?




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

I haven't seen any code that you can add to a particular video when inserting it into Storyline as a web object. Perhaps instead you may want to look at downloading the video and inserting that or providing users with information on where/how to enter the password to view the video. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Alex -- So sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties! Perhaps I am not clear on the issue you are having... Is it a matter of not loading? You may want to check out this thread for some suggestions you can try. 

And, as some time has passed since the last response on this thread, you would also be welcome to reach out to any of the participants in this thread directly using the 'Contact Me' link on an individual's profile page. :)