Interactive Conversation


I am trying to create an interactive conversation and am not seeing any examples. 

Click on Joe and he says whatever - then click on Lucy and she responds - 

there are 5 interactions within the conversation that need to happen with audio on each.

I want to make this conversation as seamless as possible.

I appreciate any help- guidance and or examples

thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

Click on Joe - If Joe's variable = 0 and Lucy's variable = 0,  show Joe Layer 1. Joe Layer 1 has Joe's first speech bubble (if there is one,) and Joe's first audio, and is set  not to allow clicking on base. When timeline on Joe Layer 1 finishes (or media ends), set Joe's Variable to 1 and hide Joe Layer 1.

Click on Lucy. If Lucy's variable = 0 and Joe's variable = 1, show Lucy layer 1, which has Lucy's first speech bubble (if there is one), and Lucy's first audio, and is set not to allow clciking on the base layer. When timeline on Lucy Layer 1 ends (or media ends), set Lucys variable to 1, and hide Lucy Layer 1.


That way each variable tells which conversation that character last had, and you can show the next one.

Walt Hamilton

Try this.

If you don't want the dialog bubbles to stay on the screen, put them on the layers, or just delete them if you don't want them.  I  put triggers on the layers to set the variables when the timeline ends, and set them to hide when the timeline ends. I only did that because I didn't put audio on them. I think it is better to set the variable and hide the layer when the audio ends.