Interactive video - navigate in the playbar to replay a section

We have an issue with an interactive video in Storyline. Here's an Articulate model that replicates the same bug for you to test.

Here are our desires, basically:
• Make an interactive video in which questions appear (it works well);
• Be able to navigate in the playbar easily to review sections of the video as needed without the questions that overlay in the video at innapropriate times. 

Can you help us ?
thank you very much

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Randy Hill

To start, I would add in some True/False variables, one for each Question layer. Then add in a trigger on each question that changes the trigger to true when the user hits the validate button on the question. Then on the main base layer, I would change the trigger to Show layer Q1 if Variable is not equal to true. That way when you go back through, if the questions have been visited and the variable is true, the question layers won't launch.