Is it possible to only send score to LMS if the learner passes

Dec 06, 2021

Hi hope someone can help please.  I have a course with a final exam where the learner has 2 attempts to pass. I am handling the attempts within the published SCORM.  I don't want the score to be passed to my LMS if the learner fails on the first attempt.   Although the logic i've used for the submit results trigger would achieve what I'm looking to do (don't submit if learner fails and has an attempt remaining), it seems that the that the results slide over-rides this and still submits the score.  The problem I have is that my LMS considers a result being passed as an attempt even without a pass/fail or complete.  If i allow another attempt in the LMS - progress is lost and the learner goes back to the start, which wouldn't work for us.  Any advice on how to achieve this would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Stephanie Powner


I've been looking into this further.  I thought maybe the pre-test option would provide a solution to having the results passed to the LMS only if the test is passed.  The results slide includes a trigger to submit the results if the score is greater than the pass mark (added automatically by SL and not myself).  This is the only submit results trigger in the project.  However when i publish and test on ScormCloud, the result is still passed to the LMS in the fail scenario.  It seems that the trigger in my project is being over-ridden  Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks. 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Stephanie.

Let me ask you additional questions to fully understand what you're trying to accomplish.

  • I noticed on your sample file there was no option to Retry. In that case, would you want the course to be incomplete if the user fails?
  • The sample file was published as SCORM 1.2 - is that how your final assessment is published as well?
  • On your example described above (2 attempts, but only submit if the user passes), what would you like to happen if the user fails both attempts?
  • You also said, "If I allow another attempt in the LMS - progress is lost and the learner goes back to the start, which wouldn't work for us" - Take a look at the article below, as it might be helpful in this scenario:
Joseph Francis

I adjusted the Base Layer of the Results slide to only show one of the two layers, based on the score.

I moved the Submit Results trigger to the Success layer, attaching it to a button which also Exits the course.

On the Failure layer is where I moved the Review Results button. I also added an Exit button on the Failure layer which Exits the course.

The score is STILL being sent to SCORM Cloud when the learner fails. Clearly, there is more going on under the hood of the Results slide than it lets on.