Is it possible to shift the time of multiple cue points at the same time?

Sep 20, 2015

I have a project with a lot of cue points and i have assigned trigger to all of them, now i have to shift the time 4 second. now everything is easy to move but cue points are not.

so is there any way to change the time of multiple cue points alltoghether?

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Amirsadjad KhL

Thank you for your prompt reply.  i am aware of that solution, but it doesn't solve my problem.

i have over 50 story files with 4 seconds delay at they're beginnings. each of them has only one slide and some cue points with trigger assigned to them(and that's what i wanted back when i created them). now i want to combine them to a single story file for a new project, and that's where the cue points issue comes in.

Is there any other way for changing cue point's timing, or make the timeline jump forward, or move all the objects and cue points in time as a whole?