Is there a way to manually set progress?

We have recently started requiring learners to listen to the entire slide before advancing to the next slide, and we also have various interactions that learners are required to complete on our newer courses. 

This is leading to a problem where, when a learner encounters a technical difficulty, they may wind up in a situation where they are not able to advance through the course due to a corrupted suspend string. 

In the past, we used to resolve this problem by deleting the suspend string from the database, allowing them to start the SCORM over again from the beginning. However, this is no longer a good solution, since the learner will then need to go back through all of the material they have already studied. 

At the moment, we are handling this problem by replacing the learner's resume string with one belonging to one of our staff members who has already completed the SCORM. This then allows the learner to go back through the lesson from whatever point they need to. 

I'm thinking there have to be better solutions to this problem and that I'm just not familiar enough with Articulate Storyline or SCORM to know what the solution is. 

My goal is to either be able to manually set the learner's progress to a particular slide, or manually set the learner's progress such that the SCORM behaves as though it has been completed. It's not enough just to set the learner's progress as complete, I need them to be able to review the contents of the SCORM in the future. 

What am I missing? 

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