Issue with visited states not holding outside of layers

Mar 15, 2022

Hi, I am working on a course with a slide that has tabbed interactions that go to layers. Two of the layers have interactions that then go outside of the slide. I have T/F variables set to change the states of those two tabs to visited when the x to exit those interactions is clicked to come back to the tabbed 'home'. The visited state only holds if the viewer does not use the option to go outside the layers. What am I doing incorrectly? (You may notice the text on the tabbed states continues to play-I don't know how to stop that either).

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Walt Hamilton

If the trigger to set the T/F variable is after the trigger to jump to the original slide when the X to exit is clicked, those variables won't be changed. The jump trigger cuts off the execution of any trigger after it.

You can insert a reference on the original slide to see if the variables are changed. If they are, you need to follow Davide's suggestion and attach your .story file here.

Walt Hamilton

The built-in states (like visited) have their own built-in superpowers, and take great personal offense at any attempt to interfere. You can't get away with writing a trigger that changes an object to visited when it is clicked, and it wouldn't surprise me if the trigger you are using is causing problems, too. Try changing the name of that state to something like My visited, and see if that helps.