Issues with system demo videos not playing on our learning platform


We have created 5 system demos which we exported as a video. Although all 5 play on my laptop only 2 will play once i have uploaded them on our LXP which is HowNow. 

I am trying to figure out what would cause this to happen Can you confirm what format videos are published as - i know they are MP4 but is that definitely H.264?  And has anyone else very run into this type of issue or have any suggestions on what I can look at to figure out what is going wrong. 

We have uploaded one of the problematic videos into Adobe Premiere and exported from there at then is will play and the only difference we can find is that the final size is much bigger and the bitrate is higher even though we are not changing anything in Premiere. 

Any help on this would be appreciated?



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Leanne Falconer

Our issue is a bit different. We ran into issue of system demo videos created in Storyline and then exported not playing on our LXP unless we run them through Adobe Premiere Pro which increases their bitrate. We are using the HowNow LXP and I am trying to find out why this is happening and am starting with trying to get a more detailed understanding of the format videos export into from Storyline.