Jump to specific slide in a question draw from Results slide

Jun 20, 2021


Hope someone has some insight and help with what I would like to create.

I have a quiz where a question bank draw allows learners to skip questions and return later (I am using Next/Previous instead of Submit on the slides). On my Results slide I have a custom Review button that allows jumping to the question bank so learners can complete/review the quiz, and then click the custom Submit button  on the Results slide once they are ready to submit.

What I would like to do is have slide numbers on the Result slide that would link back to the slides that were skipped so the learners don't have to go through everything from the beginning. Currently I cannot link to slides within the draw, only to the draw itself.


Can someone help please?


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Ren Gomez

Hi Anna,

Thanks for reaching out! You're correct in that when adding a trigger to jump to a specific question bank slide, you'll only see the option to jump to a question draw. 

Question draws have the ability to insert randomization or include certain questions, so the slides could be different every time. If you'd like the ability to link back to every question, I recommend placing the questions as regular question slides and not part of a draw.