Keeping a slide layer visible if the learner clicks on another object


I've created a flipcard based interaction following a discussion I saw on here with a brilliant idea to create it using a sequence of shapes on a slide layer to give the impression of a card turning over. I have achieved that part, however on my slide there are 8 cards. At the moment if the user doesn't click on the card to flip it back over and simply moves over to the next one to flip it, the first one disappears. I want it to stay on screen either in it's flipped state or back to how it was so they can look at it again. 

I have tried fiddling with variables, setting the slides layers to change to 'true' and setting a trigger to change the state of the initial shape back to normal once the variable changes but it's not working. 

I've attached the file to show my progress. Has anyone got any ideas?

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