Keyboard Shortcut not working on Layers

I have created a trigger for keyboard shortcut to enable learners to move through the slides using the right arrow. This works just fine when moving between slides but doesn't work at all for moving between layers. The trigger is set up to show the  next layer when the user presses arrow key after clicking on this layer. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mary!

It sounds like you're trying to find a way to use the User Presses Key trigger without requiring the user to click on the slide first. 

One workaround is to add a button to the slide and add a trigger to Change the State of the button to Selected when the timeline starts on the slide. Then format the button to be completely transparent. 

Let me know if this works for you!

Mary T. Collins

Thanks Lauren. It's not as such that I'm trying to let them progress without clicking on the slide first, they will have clicked on the slide (base layer) but the key trigger won't allow them to move between layers, just slides. I need this key trigger for accessibility and it works fine for moving between the slides just not the layers.