Keyboard Shortcuts and Ribbon Customization

I very much appreciate the ability to add tools to the quick access bar and assign them ALT + # shortcuts. Once those shortcuts are set, I'm able to map the keystrokes to mouse and keyboard buttons.

However, this only works with the top level tools and not those within menus. If every ribbon command/button could be added to the QA toolbar (as in MS Office), it would open up a whole world of possibilities for UI/UX obsessives like myself.

For example, I'm able to add the entire "Arrange" menu to the QA toolbar, but not the specific commands within. If I were able to add "Bring to front" and "Send to back" to the QA toolbar, I'd then be able map the corresponding keystrokes to the thumbwheel of the mouse.

I mainly use the Logitech Options utility to map custom functions to my mouse and keyboard. These can be applied per-application, but due to the lack of keyboard shortcuts, I'm limited on what I can do in Storyline. 

There are custom profiles for MS Office and Adobe CC applications that allow special functionality with many of their applications. For example, the wheel on the Logitech Craft keyboard will adjust whichever slider is active in Photoshop and custom toast notifications show up when the wheel is touched to let you know what it will do before you turn it.  

Anyway, it would be really swell if such a profile were made available for Storyline 360. Logitech even made the SDK for making this happen I've included some links and screenshots to show you what I'm talking about.

Craft Crown SDK:

Craft keyboard Crown features for MS PowerPoint:

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