Learner returning to the base layer of a slide

Hi - I'm somewhat new to using SL. How can I set up a slide so that the user returns to the base layer after working through layers on a slide. For example, after the user click through four tabs, is there a default setting that I can set up that allows the user to get back to the base - or do I need to insert something like that? I'd like the user to be able to return to the default/base slide easily.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Meg,

Consider this option:

  • Put the appropriate base-level content on an Introduction layer. (This would include anything that doesn't show on every layer. So, for example, the slide title would probably stay on the base. But any welcome-to-this-slide text would go on the layer.) 
  • Add a tab that shows the Introduction layer when clicked.
  • Add a trigger that changes the state of the Intro tab to Selected when the timeline starts. 
  • Add a trigger that shows the Introduction layer when the timeline starts. 

That allows the user to easily see that the intro is a separate piece of content they can return to. 

Otherwise, you'll have to insert a hide-layer button on each layer.