Limiting Quiz Attempts [NOT working]

Hi Guys,

I have been working on a courseware for a while now and am suddenly needing to adjust the number of attempts on the quiz.

I followed every step of the instructions in this tutorial

....but I am still not able to restrict the number of attempts after 2. I even changed the state of the disabled Retry button to "No More attempts" in a grey colour fill but I am not seeing those changes either - meaning I am able to click Retry button all the time.

This happens both in the preview AND when I publish it.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? 

Thanks, your help is much appreciated

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Suraj Karakulath

Hi Ashley,

Sorry I tried to reply to my first post earlier (but I couldn't locate it - I assume you had to allow it to appear first).

I managed to find the problem - I had to move up the OBJECT trigger (of changing the state of the Retry button to Disabled) to the first position. I didn't watch the video on that thread - only read the instructions. Sorry my bad.

But hey, I hope this helps others too !! ORDER OF TRIGGERS IS VERY IMPORTANT