Link to PDF not working on iPad

Aug 01, 2012

I created a course in Storyline that contains a hyperlink to launch a PDF document.  It works fine on the computer, but not on the iPad - nothing happens when I click on the button to launch the document.  Any thoughts out there?


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Oscar Gagliardi, Jr.

I am experiencing the same issue trying to open a PDF file from a link on a eLearning course running on the Articulate iPad player. Another issue I detected before opting for the link is that the "Resources" link that appears on the player interface does not show up on the Articulate iPad player.

Are these issues going to be corrected on the next update to Storyline? When should we expect the new update? I have several projects on hold waiting for these and other fixes to Storyline.


Laura Ingle

I'm having same issue. Why are the Resource tab and hyperlinks to files not supported in the iPad app/mobile player. Those are common features and functionality included in Storyline. Hyperlinks... That's crazy that you don't have that included in the App. I'm having all sorts of issues pop up for my iPad users, and I thought this app was supposed to support iPad playback and functionality. Links work with the HTML5 format, but then a lot of other things get squirrely on the iPad when using HTML5. I thought Articulate Storyline catered to iPad users with its special player and publishing features. Seems like your developers need to get on the ball with this. Hyperlinks and the Resource tab are commonly used features when building courses. When is this going to be fixed? As much as this software costs, and as much as it is supposed to cater to iPad users, it really is missing the boat.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

I went ahead and shared your comments here in the form of a feature request, as those go to our product development team for review. I don't have information on why certain elements are included or not, but submitting it as a feature will at least ensure the right people hear your feedback. 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Matt. Thanks for checking in!

This isn't a feature in the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) yet, but we're keeping tabs on the insight shared in this discussion and through our Feature Request form. 

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we manage feature requests! Also, this table compares the Storyline 3 features currently supported in HTML5, Flash, and AMP. 

One approach could be to have a slide that serves as a Resource one, and link it as a custom tab in the Player. Would that work for your design?

Kelly Doane


I'm not sure this is related..., but I am having a situation where we are embedding URL links to PDF documents stored on SharePoint. When taking the learning on my companies own mobile app using a 3rd party LMS the PDF opens fine, but there is no way to return to the jump off point in the training. You literally have to exit the training entirely and start over. 

The LMS company is saying this is the SCORM's fault. 

Any input?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kelly!

It sounds like when closing the PDF; you have to start the course over. That doesn't sound right! Have you tried testing your course in a web environment like Tempshare or an LMS environment like SCORM cloud?

If the course returns to the stopping point in Tempshare and/or SCORM cloud, then it might be a setting you can change in our LMS. If the behavior is the same, then it would help to test the file on our end. You can share it with our Support Engineers in a support case.

Kelly Doane

Thanks, Lauren! Your answer is exactly what I expected it to be. We have already tested on web, both in our own LMS and on SCORM Cloud - it works perfectly! Close the PDF viewer and you are returned to the course exactly where you left it. Although, I would prefer a setting in Rise that would allow us to set links to 'open in new tab', so that the learner could keep resource material open during the course. 


Thanks for the help!