Links in Storyline move after updating text styles

After making some changes to the text styles, all my text links have shifted. This is *extremely* inconvenient, and makes me wary of using text styles (even though I have now implemented them in almost all of my existing modules).

It seems like every time Articulate introduces a new feature, something breaks and it causes me hours/days, sometimes weeks of additional work. 

Please tell me there's a quick fix for this.Showing one of my slides where links have shifted

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Terry Bell

I don't expect this bug to be fixed anytime soon, so I'll post the workaround to hopefully save people a few hours of troubleshooting if they come across this.

It seems to be related to using a modified text style for text hyperlinks, but resetting the hyperlink to the default style does not fix it. The only way to avoid this from happening in published or previewed modules is to be sure you are in slide view (not story view) when you publish or preview. 

Mark Shepherd

Hi Terry:

Thanks for the very helpful tip.  I haven't run into this issue yet for our organization's courses, as we have not begun adding and utilizing Text Styles in depth for them.

However, we do have a number of titles that utilize the features and details you describe here, so we will keep this aspect in mind when publishing.

I am currently evaluating the Text Styles feature for Storyline 360, and sent out my initial result(s) yesterday.  If you would like to add any thoughts to that discussion, please do!



-Mark Shepherd, e-Learning Developer, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)