Looking to build a training for cashiers in Storyline

Oct 24, 2022

Hi all!

Our team received a request from retail leaders in our organization that is wanting us to build training for newly hired cashiers that evaluates certain aspects of our cash handling/customer checkout process such as:

  • the ability to ring merchandise up correctly on our registers.
  • the ability to make change and count back to customers.

We are looking to build this using Storyline and were wondering if there are any tips and tricks that others have found along the way that may be useful for this project.

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Math Notermans

Make a proper Storyboard / script to start from. If forgetting anything its best to find out early. A paper prototype could do even, we use Miro for all our design and development. As you can add SVGs its easy to work on them and followup. Powerpoint might do wonders too as you can test specific flows and paths, and then can import it as a starter for your development team.