Marker text shadow removal

May 10, 2013


I am wondering how to remove the background shadow of the title text in a Marker. It appears to be the Marker default setting and within the text icons (bold, italic, underline etc.) the shadow option is grayed out. Does anyone have any insight?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Trav,

I'm not clear about what you mean when you say, "remove the text from the icon on the marker."

Are you referring to the symbols on the markers? You can always switch to a blank marker, no matter what color. Note that the blue one on this slide has an "i" on it. You can switch to a plain one:

  • Click the marker on the slide
  • Click the Change Icon drop-down.
  • Select the plain one

Sorry if I misinterpreted what you were asking. If so, please shout out!

Matthijs Mensink

I've inserted some markers in my project and made it flat-designed: without shadows and color transitions. In the work mode it looks okay (1st picure). However, in the preview mode and after generating the file, shadowed numbers are shown (2nd picture). This also appears when selecting pre-defined quick style markers without shadows.

How can I remove these shadows?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthijs,

Thanks for sharing that image here. Are you using Storyline 1 or 2? Are you able to share that one slide here with us so that we can take a look? I'm not able to determine a way within SL1 or SL2 to remove the shadow on the number, unless I change the icon's color to something such as black - and then I don't see a shadow. 

Matthijs Mensink

Hi Ashley,

I'm using SL1. I've uploaded a stripped example of the slide with markers:

- markers are placed on the layer

- there's a difference between numbered markers (with shadows) and markers with icons (without shadows)

- after selecting a marker, look at the tab 'change icon': there are no shadows at all...

Thx in advance!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Matthijs,

Thanks again for sharing the .story file. Looking at it reminded me of an earlier thread here where some other users were discussing a similiar situation and it seems the shadow can't be removed on the icon itself without changing the coloring. I also took a look at this in SL2 - and when you add a numbered icon to the slide, you can see the shadow there on the slide itself and while previewing. It seems that currently this is by design - so that you'd need to submit a feature request for a different behavior. 

Dan Graham

I'm experiencing a the same problem discussed in the initial post.  I can't seem to remove the Text Shadow from the Marker titles.   It doesn't seem to matter which Label Style I pick.  I tried clearing the formatting.  I tried pasting in some non-subscript text with it's formatting.  Alas, no dice. 

What's even weirder, is I have one marker on screen that has no text shadow.   And I can't figure out how that happened either.  I'm posting my slide here, in case anybody has figured this out in the last year.  

Christie Pollick

Hi, Dan -- Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your file. This seems to be a case that would benefit from some more in-depth investigation by the folks on our Support Engineering team. I would be happy to set you up in a case momentarily, and I will be sure to follow along with their progress to share updates here for others who may benefit. 

Kayla Burtch

Has anyone managed to resolve this?

I find that if I choose the only flat option (First row) I can only have no shadow if I choose a dark color (Black, dark purple, dark blue) but as soon as a choose white or off-white it adds a shadow with no imput from me. Why? Ugh!

Our branding is flat design with no shadows and no gradients, but storyline is CONSTANTLY adding shadows and gradients of it's own accord.

I spend more time trying to undo Storyline's "help" than anything else! 

Kayla Burtch

In case this comes up for others - which I'm sure it will... my workaround is as follows:

Choose "no icon"

Click the marker. Click "Edit states."

Imput my own shape/picture as an icon inside the state. Position as wanted. Copy and paste to any other states.

Use the format painter to cause the same icon to populate all of my markers. 


Christie Pollick

Hi, Karla -- I looked in on Dan's case and it appears that our support engineers ultimately replied as follows: "I have submitted your case to our Quality Assurance team for their review. Unfortunately I was unable to determine a workaround. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved."

Thanks for sharing your workaround, and hopefully it will help others who are experiencing the same issue.