Markers with Audio - Restricted Navigation - Question

Oct 26, 2021


I'm using Storyline. I have a slide with several markers.  Each marker has an audio track. I want the learner to view each marker AND listen to the whole audio track for every marker on the slide before being able to advance to the next slide. The Player is set to Restricted Navigation, but when I preview the slide, I can still skip listening to the audio included with each marker. Any ideas on how to set up my markers so the learner must hear/see all the content?

Thank you,

Karen I. W.

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Karen Westphalen

MEANWHILE... I found some answers after doing some more digging, and was able to set up something that appears to do what I need. 

I ended up setting up a layer to go with each marker, on which I inserted the audio associated with that marker, INSTEAD OF adding the audio tracks directly to each marker on the base layer.  With variables and triggers I was able to "enforce" listening to the audio on each layer, and then I set up an overall numeric variable that has to equal a number (the number of markers) before the Next button becomes "normal". 

So thank you to those who have dealt with this issue in the past, for sharing ideas and solutions.

Take care