Master slide : Bullets disappears on placeholder text

Mar 09, 2015


I received Storyline 2 for my work and I recreate the master slide of the company.

But it seems that bullets cannot be inserted in the master slides. Each time I insert a bullet in the text from the placeholder, it disappears when I leaving the text zone.

It's kinda weird : In Powerpoint I could insert bullets on the masters slides and I could not on Storyline 2.

Can someone know how to keep bullets on the master slides ?


Also another question : How do you insert custom bullets on storyline 2 ?

Thanks for you answers.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adriano,

Slide masters will not keep bullet formatting, and that'll have to be set up on the individual slides themselves. You can always share your thoughts on this in the form of a feature request here. 

There is a great video on this page (about half way down) in regards to how to set up custom bullets using your own characters or shapes. 

Seth Luersen

Ugh. The whole purpose of a slide master is to enforce a style guide. Setting the style for bullet lists  manually on every slide is a hugely inefficient and error prone.  I don't care about using custom bullets once, I care about enforcing a style guide using slide masters in Storyline 2.  

To make matters worse, if you're importing PowerPoint slides that use PowerPoint slide masters to define your slides' bullet list styles (which, btw, is a default for the text placeholder in PowerPoint), then you lose all bullet list styling in the imported slide text because Storyline 2 doesn't support bullet list styles in Storyline slide masters.

Kendra Kernen

I've just discovered this issue, too, and agree 100% with Seth. Using bullet points is a pretty basic formatting need and I'm astonished that this feature doesn't already exist in SL2. I'm a nut for consistency and efficiency and, although I don't need bullets on every single slide in my project, it's a major pain to have to format any slide individually--it completely defeats the purpose of having a Master Slide. Also, the Format Painter doesn't seem to work across slides for formatting bullets either!

All that said, I submit feature requests on a regular basis. I'm curious about what the implementation timeline is for adding new features? As I read through these forums, I see posts from as long ago as four years that ask for useful and basic features that are not yet implemented. Just wondering.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for sharing the thoughts here and submitting the feature request. As far as the timeline for the feature requests, we're unable to share a product roadmap or timeline in regards to new features and/or updates to particular software to resolve bugs or similar. All feature requests go to our product team for review and determination in regards to inclusion in a new update or version. We also do share pertinent threads where features are discussed with our team as well so that they have all the information necessary in terms of what users are asking for, so I appreciate you sharing here.

Brett Rockwood

Adriano and Kendra,

Bullets aren't the only things that aren't carried over from Master slide text placeholders. None of the paragraph or line spacing items are remembered either. (See this thread.) As you said Kendra, it really does defeat the purpose of having a Master slide and it's unbelievable it hasn't been addressed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sunday,

I can certainly understand the desire for more formatting options within the slide masters, and it's something our team has on their radar as an enhancement to the current Storyline set up. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'll bring it up with our team again. Depending on priority and risk, some features and bugs can be fixed quickly, while others take longer to resolve and implement. Thanks again for sharing here as it's always important to have a sense of the number of customers impacted. 

Tony Morris

Agree wholeheartedly with previous posts here regarding the inability to establish bulleted lists within Storyline 2, and most recently Articulate 360, Master Slide layouts. Wasted circa an hour of my time today while at work trying to do this. Only to discover that it cannot be done when I arrived home and accessed this forum (my company blocks access to this forum - I have since requested access). To have to establish these lists in a current slide and copy/paste to another is not an ideal solution, but it is a workaround none the less. Hopefully your development team can incorporate within your next update.

Nicolas Fricker


Same question that Author2 ReacfinAcademy for me.

Is this 3 year ago problem is solved ?

Because I try to do it during many minutes before I found this thread.


And it is true that is is very time consuming to insert bullet by hand for each slide.

And also it can be happen that all bullets are not disposed on the same place on each slide, etc.


So, can you tell us if the problem is solved ?


Thank you for your answer.


Alyssa (or whoever is moderating this forum), it is ridiculous that such a SIMPLE request that is standard in so many other programs (Word, InDesign, PowerPoint, etc.) is "still on the radar" of the developers! For over 3 years, users have been requesting this feature and it is STILL NOT AVAILABLE?

Considering how expensive the Articulate 360 software is, Articulate developers should fix the issue. In the business world, if it took this long to get around to solving an issue, the developer would be looking for employment elsewhere.

I have run into several issues and have submitted requests and files and they just disappear down a black hole it seems.

These forums are all well and good, but if the problem(s) persist year after year, what good does it do?

I have added my request to fix the bullets issue, but I won't be holding my breath.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne, 

I'm sorry for the trouble you've run into with the slide masters and their formatting, and that you've felt that your requests and files have disappeared in space.  That's not the experience we're working to provide, so I'd like to start over and figure out the next steps with you. 

I took a look at your case history and saw one feature request and a couple of cases where our team was waiting for additional information about your files or setup to continue testing and troubleshooting. It appears the most recent case was July 2018 - I can resend that email to you if you'd like? 

Also, it looks like you're using Presenter '13, after trialing Articulate 360, is that still the case? I know that slide masters and bullets were a popular topic for SL1 and 2 and at that time was determined to be a feature.

Our team does review and evaluate all the feature requests that come in, and prioritizes them based on a few factors such as the number of authors impacted, other workarounds available, etc. so it seems this one has fallen off the radar a bit. For that, I'm genuinely sorry, as I can see how that must feel and reinforce your thought that we're not listening.  

I know with Articulate 360 it's been mentioned again, so it's a good opportunity for us to reevaluate. I'll share this discussion with my team, and bring up the need for slide master formatting to match what you're used to in other tools like Word and Powerpoint. 

Thank you again for taking the time to post here, we value and appreciate all that you have to share. Please know that it is a very short ladder that things are running up, and we are working to make a product you love.