Math Demos

Can anyone provide me a handful of math demos?

I work for an online school we are working on some math projects.

I've created several science and math games in other programs as well but I want to focused on just math in just articulate storyline. I've Google various search terms and only found one link math demo. To be clear I am not looking to copy anyone work. I just want to see some examples and get some ideas. 

Any links would be appreciated. 


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lisa - I posted this example in response to another thread. It is just a sampling of some math questions I have done. Some of the examples (the calculator and the budget spreadsheet were done in Flash and then imported in, but they could be built in Storyline with a little effort). The actual math questions were done in Storyline using triggers, conditions and variables.

Math Example

Edulete Technologies

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