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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tracy!

If you make changes to your menu and then decide that you want to reset the menu back to its original state, click Reset from story below the menu.

Resetting the menu does the following:

  • Scene/slide titles revert back to the way they appear in your project.
  • Indent levels will be removed.
  • New titles that have been added will be removed.
  • Original scenes/slides that have been deleted will be restored.

Full details of customizing the menu can be found in this tutorial.

Silvia Robles

Hello Leslie,

I re-ordered my scenes so scene 3 is now scene 2. I reset the menu to re-numbered my slides within the scene. They are now accurate, but the menu on the left side when viewing the presentation the listing is in the original order, although it plays correctly.

How can I make the menu match the order of the playing of my scenes. So the reader is not confused.