Meteors Attack Game

Meteors Attack is an interesting game I created especially for kids who have just started learning to read. This game teaches the young learner how to read simple words. He / She needs to listen to a word and then shoots at the meteor that has this word. Through trial and error, the child can build connections between the spoken and the written forms. All this is done through a mission to save the earth from an imminent meteors attack.

Meteors Attack will grab the kid’s attention as it contains many game elements such as points (destroyed meteors), time (the time the meteor takes to reach the earth), aesthetics (colourful objects), animations and sound effects. The young learner will not get bored as the choices (meteors) are shuffled each time (s)he plays the game.

This game can be used to teach phonics and sight words.

Feel free to try this game and give me your feedback
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