Motion Paths & Intersects with(s)

Mar 31, 2022

Trying to move the circle on the line

What I'd like to do click the button (each time). Button moves under April 1997 on the line (and layer about what happened in 1997). Then, click the button, have it travel (on the line) to the top of "End of 1997" (and show layer2)...repeat for bottom of 1998, and top of End of 1999. 

Tried multiple motion paths. Trying one long motion path. Sneaked a line into the bottom part of the curved line. So "move grp-purple (oval) along the motion path. But I tried to "pause timeline on this slide when <the button> intersects with <an object hiding on the line". But this causes the timeline not start at all (blank white field). 

Can you not pause an animation when an object intersects something? Am betting the animated object's "timeline" is independent of THE timeline.

Is it a matter of trying to do 4 motion paths and a variable? to stop and start the animation? 






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Alison  L.

Got it. 

Now. The arrow/circle is supposed to change (to the part of the line it is on) ...color..  via STATES when it intersects with the little line (that also increases the variable).

But, the object's triggers (change state of) cause the timeline not to start. What's up with that?