Multi language graded quizzing with question banks

May 30, 2013

Dear, I created 3 projects/graded quiz with result slide in Dutch, French and English. Separately all working fine.

I need to combine these 3 projects in one, at the beginning the user chooses the language and at the end i need the score of 1 quiz in LMS. When creating the LMS package I only can select 1 result slide.  When I click the review button on one of the  result slides, I sometimes got the review of another language :(

Any chance I can fix this project? If not, i don't mind starting all over again.

Can someone please tell me how to start a multi-language quiz, with questions banks and result slide? Another idea?

Thank you for helping me out.


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Amanda  Gunning

Hi Valentino

Well done for finding a solution to this issue.

Would you mind sharing your proxy results slide and your final proxy results slide you use for tracking? I am having difficulty following the solution which I am trying to apply to a course I created for different staff groups. In particular the bit where the button worth x points generates the % score based on the assessment result.

Many thanks


Matt Garton

Small tangent...sorry to hijack...

I found this cause I have a multi lingual with results page as well. But the result page gets confused and doesnt report the right numbers, even though the questions are all pointed to the unique result slide per language.

This is, to me, the MAIN area Storyline could improve on. Multi-lingual courses.

I work for one of the largest international localization companies as a eLearning Localization Manager - more and more of our clients want single-SCORM multi-lingual solutions. we've come up with a variety of ways to do this for Storyline, but the 'easiest' (eg most compatible with most LMSs) is still to do it all in one file. But that creates problems like the above with quizes.

We've also noticed that HTML5 main outputs sometimes dont work once you get more than a couple fonts in the job - the publisher just crashes (though if we do Flash only it works fine).

In short - if I was Articulate, I'd invest some time making the program more robust for multi-lingual deliveries. When A client hasnt made a course yet, and asks if there is a "best" authoring tool with multilingual in mind - Storyline is not my top pick (I wont say what it is to be nice - as I do like Storyline a lot and mutli-lingual aside it is the best)

Matt Garton

One more, on topic. What we often do in multi-lingual, is to not have the reporting based on a results slide, but on a trigger. We make it so that you have to pass the quiz to get to the final slide, and that slide has a trigger to send pass (or complete) to the LMS.

If you care about having scores in the LMS, this isn't a good approach; but if you just want it reported whether they passed or not (or complete or not), it's a decent solution.


Matt Morrison

Hi Christine, 

Wondering if this solution would also work for comparing results from another project. 

A client I am working with wants to know if it's possible to compare results from 2 quizzes that are not in the same project.

Ideally there would be a pre test at the beginning of project 1, then a post test at the end of project 2. Then the user would be able to review their results from pre and post test to see how they improved. 

Is this possible? The projects are deployed via LMS (not sure if that matters).

I suggested as a work around, allowing the user to print/save results from project 1 so that its easy to access after completing project 2.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

Shirin Bhasin


I am responding to this really old thread. I am hoping someone will be able to help me! I am working on Storyline 360.

I have run into a similar situation. However, mine is a 2-role branching scenario where there can also be a learner who can perform both the roles, and therefore, will have to take both the assessments. So in my case, there can be three types of reporting to the LMS for the course to show complete:

  • Role A assessment results
  • Role B assessment results
  • Role A+B assessment results (if the learner is performing both the roles)

I tried following the sample story that Diana has shared above. Everything work's fine. But I get stuck in the third scenario above. After clearing Role A assessment, when I go to role B assessment, the assessment question options are disabled. I cant select any of the choices for the assessment questions. Is this because the result has already been submitted to the LMS? Can anyone help me come up with a possible solution?

Thank you!  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shirin,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing that you'd like some help with this setup as well.

I'm not sure if Diana is still subscribed here to chime in to help, but with your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Anuj Joshi

Hi Owen, 


This looks good for sure. However, when you have more than 10 lanugauges and each language contains say 15 questions then it will be cumbersome to create varaible for 150 questions and later remember what to do. Also, if you need to edit a few, then you may not feel like doing it again. I may suggest a different approach here. 

The first part is exactly as you did. 
Then create a quiz normally as a new scene connected to language. For example English Quiz will follow after English presentation, Fr quiz after french etc. 

For tracking I will use "slides viewed" instead of quiz results.

I will add a Thank you slide at the end which the way you did will load after the end quiz in any language. 

I may want to add a trigger on the result slide, which say, enable next button when the passpercent variable is greater than equal to passscore variable, otherwise its disabled. 

This will not allow users to view the last or the thank you slide. Making the course incomplete until they pass the quiz. 


I hope it make sense. 


It does and I've used this tactic as well with one variation, a "ghost assessment". Basically, by using a ghost assessment that is controlled by the other quizzes, you can track by percentage instead of slides viewed. You can also drill in to which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly in your LMS reporting.

...and to be fair, I posted the other solution 7 years ago.  It's an interesting solution but not a 1 size fits all for sure.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

Great news to share with you today! We just released another update for Articulate 360, and included a new feature:

Expanding tracking within your Storyline 360 courses. You can read all about it here! You'll now be able to utilize: 

Take a look at downloading and installing Storyline 360 Build 3.44.23192.0. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

Ren Gomez

Hi Jusa,

To share some more information on Expanded Quiz Tracking, you can now choose to track multiple results slides, and the one that is completed will be reported to the LMS. This will allow for branching courses where A or B will have different exams, and depending on what path the learner chooses, the exam at the end of that path will be scored!

Also, this feature is exclusive to Storyline 360, so you will not see this option in Storyline 3. I hope this helps provide some clarity!