Multiple audio controls

Based on my earlier searches on this topic, I guess what I want to do will not be possible but I'll ask anyway... 

I have a screen interaction where a software screen is in a scrolling panel. There are certain items that are highlighted, and if someone hovers their mouse over one of them, an audio file plays. The software screen is in a scrolling panel, simply because it won't fit and still be legible on a normal size slide...  I would like to see audio controls in each audio file. 

...perhaps putting the audio on separate layers with no other media on them, and if one hovers over the highlighted item, the program jumps to that layer? Any other suggestions?

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William Ryan

Hi Joanne, thanks for your response. Although it's a good workaround, my courses require subtitles (the majority of viewers of my courses don't speak English as a first language). I don't see how subtitles could be added to the audio in a marker, and the text of the subtitle would be too long to fit in the marker. Yes, there could be other workarounds, but I chose to just put the audio in separate layers, as the layers have their own timelines... Thanks again.