Multiple audio triggers in one slide


I have a project that has one slide that is meant to act as a menu. Each oval in the menu, links directly to a lesson and when the lesson is over, the last slide in that lesson links them back to the course menu so that they can choose the next lesson to take. When the user first comes to the menu there is audio welcoming the learner to the course. Once one of the ovals is visited, a trigger is launched to tell the the slide not to play the welcome audio again. That all works fine.


The problem is that I have another trigger that says, once all the lesson ovals have been updated with a visited state, that a different audio file should play that congratulate the learner for completing the course. When I preview the slide, it works fine. However, when I preview the entire project or publish the project, it this last audio file will not play. 

I have tried uninstalling articulate 360 and reinstalling... but it doesn't solve the issue. I tried deleting the trigger and re-building it... that didn't help either. 

Is it not possible to have 2 audio file in one slide controlled by triggers that work off of state conditions?

Thanks for any help!

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Errol Mackey

I tried to build it in a more streamline fashion. I created two identical menu slides. The first has audio that introduces the course and seamlessly rolls into the next slide without it looking like there is any transition. This works fine. Then on the second slide there is one audio file that is not meant to play until there is a visited state on each lesson oval. It still won't work. 

The issue seems to be that it won't let you create a trigger that will play an audio file based on states of objects being visited. See the screenshots below for how I have it setup.

BTW, states are setup correctly and working.

Errol Mackey

I'm not sure if this is the only or best resolution... but this is what I did:

1. I created an additional layer on my menu slide and named it Exit_Layer.

2. Then on my base layer for the menu slide, I created a trigger to show the Exit_Layer when the state of all the lesson ovals are set to visited.

3. Then on the Exit_Layer, I created a trigger to play my audio file when the timeline starts for the Exit_Layer.

Hope this helps someone, if they have a similar issue!

God bless!