Multiple Triggers on Similar Objects Causing a Delay Between Slides?

Aug 31, 2022

I am currently having issues with lagging between slides. I've built out a project that will replicate loan application software. Currently, I'm working on checking the input fields for correctness. The idea is that the learner must have each data field correct before advancing to the next slide.

Currently, when a learner enters an amount in a specific data entry field, I have a trigger in place to change the state of a shape off the canvas to reflect "Correct" if they entered the correct amount. The "correct" amount can be any variation of input, such as 1000, 1,000, 1000.00, 1,000.00, etc. Once the off-canvas shape correlating to that variable is marked "correct", another variable comes behind it to update that field to format it as the actual loan application software does. (In this case, it would be "$1,000.00") My off-stage shape also has an "Incorrect" state as well that flips to active when the user inputs text in the data field that does not equal the "correct" data. The next button on the slide is hinging on if the state of all off-staged shapes is "Correct", advance to the next screen. 

However, when previewing and publishing, there is a pretty lengthy lag between slides. It does I'm wanting, but there's been up to a 12 second lag between slides. 

Are there simply just too many triggers on the slide, or maybe too many triggers hinging on the same objects? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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