Mutiple fill in the blanks on one slide?

Jul 18, 2012

I am creating a course in storyline and I wanted to know if it is possible to create a quiz with multiple fill in the blanks on one slide?

Maybe free form is an option?

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Steve Lee


I'm really new to Articulate products and trialling the software for potential purchase. Multiple Fill in the blank is one activity I'm trying to make as it occurs a lot in my field. I followed the screenr, which is awesome, but every time I add a text entry, in this case named derrick, in the panel on the right a trigger is created which states " set text entry 3 equal to the typed value When the control loses focus". This trigger is automatically created for each new text entry. On the screenr this doesnt appear to be the case. 

I can't delete this trigger, and consequently when I add the triggers for correct and incorrect buttons as per the screenr, then preview the activity I get a message saying "Invalid answer. you must complete the question before submitting"

As I said I'm really knew to this and guess there is something really simple that I'm not doing. 

Any help appreciated


Steve Lee

Apologies! It's always nice when you fix your own problems, and potentially waste peoples time, sorry. 

It appears that I had the order of the Player triggers incorrect, they must not have been above the Submit Interaction trigger. 

I got it working just like screenr, of course!

I can see how important the order of triggers is to actions in a story, and hope if I see this invalid answer message again I'll remember why. 

Lots to Learn Steve

Steve Lee

Thanks Peter, 

I realise that one problem I'm having is knowing which text entry is which. I can rename the text entries, as below "rotates" and "derrick", but the entries to the right both say "Text Entry" and I'm having difficulty differentiating which entry is which, especially if I have multiple entries on a slide. They all appear to say Text Entry only.  I'm guessing its simple, but I don't seem to be able to rename "Text Entry" to "rotates" and "derrick" to help me be clear. Any assistance appreciated. 

Steve Lee

WOW thanks. Yes the names now change (i.e. where your arrows are pointing to),but I want this to be a fill in the blank, so when I go to Preview the text entries will appear filled in. I want the names to appear on the timeline only (to enable triggers to be easily applied to specific names) but the text entries on the published slide must be blanks for users to fill in. 

If you preview the slide you made above, do both boxes appear blank?  For me only one does. as below

thanks again!!!

Steve Lee

Hi Peter,

I was going to send it to you but I've got it figured out!!!

All I needed to do was to rename the variables so that  I can see which variable I am triggering. 

I was trying to rename the text entry here where it says "text entry" so that I could see which entry I needed to trigger.....

when what I needed to do was rename the variable in the Triggers section. Then I could apply Player triggers to the variable and be able to see the variable's name. 

It was a little unintuitive, but there is a very quick section in Jeannette's screenr where she says "you can name your variables if you dont know how to" at about 4 minutes in. That was all I was missing!

Your help as I have said is really appreciated. These forums are blowing me away with their support. Thanks, I hope you have an awesome week. 


John Eastman

You can make this more helpful to the student too by adding a tick/cross object next to each of the text entry fields that is triggered to identify which ones they got wrong.  A much better experience for the student. You can also make only the incorrect ones reset if you want to allow them to carry on and get the question correct (with unlimited attempts). Simply add the required triggers to the continue button on the feedback layer or create your own custom feedback layer.

Steve Lee

nice call John. That'll take me some time!

Unfortunately my trial will end soon and I'm just testing the functionality before purchase. But that is exactly the kind of thing necessary for the sometimes tedious fill in the blank activity. It is one prerequisite of purchase for my company however, so I had to make sure it works. And with all the support, I know ti works, and when it doesn't, someone will help! For me, that's a huge plus. 

It's really cool juts trying to get my head around what is possible. A lot appears possible with this software. 

Thanks again


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Erika.

Thank you for reaching out!

If you're looking to send the values of multiple fields on one slide to your LMS, here is an article and a couple of discussions that might help you with what you're looking to do:

I hope this helps!