My text-to-speech does not appear when I publish to a Word document. Any idea how I can solve this problem?

Aug 12, 2022

Any idea how I can solve this problem?  I don't want to go through and copy and paste each text-to-speech narration in a training with almost 100 slides.  I have to supply this to our users in addition to the LMS online course.



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Michel Hobson

I have the same requirement - and found that first documenting the planned "text to speech" in the Notes has been a huge timesaver, especially on large Storyline files.  It allows me to "copy/paste" to the text to speech, and is very helpful when the course content + audio is approved. I have encountered 2 unexpected benefits. 

First, the notes print in the .pdf for the person who will use it to record the "human voice recording" to match the approved script for the slides. 

Second, the .pdf with the notes outlines the design process document  for the course, which we keep for the Learning Design team as a reference of what the eLearning course looks like (without having to access Articulate Storyline first and review screen by screen).