Navigating the table of contents side bar using a screen reader or keyboard only

Aug 14, 2022

Hello everyone. We tested the side bar menu of content with Jaws, and while the screen reader user can expand and collapse the menu, and the focus appears in the actual menu of content, the user is unable to navigate through the different topics in the menu of content.  The user tried multiple keys but it did not work. The same happens when we test with the keyboard only. How can screen reader users navigate from each topic (slide) to another in the menu of content sidebar?


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Renee.

Thank you for reaching out!

Here are the keyboard keys I use to navigate the menu items:

Tab - Moves focus to the menu.

Arrow keys - navigate through the slides.

Space bar - select which slide to view.

Let me know if you're experiencing something different. My test was done with a version published for web, using Chrome.