Need results slide to populate 4 separate totals

Hi everyone. I am building a communication styles assessment in 360. At the end I need the results to show a number (of total answers that correlate to a particular style) for each of the 4 styles.

For example - each question has 4 possible answers. Each answer is tied to a communication style letter. At the end I want the person to see their totals for each of the 4 letters. 

Hopefully I'm making sense!

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Glenn Jones

Are we talking as a percentage of the 4 answers combined or something different?

You could set the results from the 4 exercises to save to a number variable, then on the results screen set a trigger to add the 4 variables together and save out as a different variable (e.g. var1+var2+var3+var4 = var5) then display the contents of var5 (textbox with %var5% in it).

If, on the other hand, you simply want to say that in exercise 1 they picked answer 3 and the correct answer was 2, you can also do this with variables.

Carolyn Whittaker

Hi Glenn,

There are 20 questions with A, B, C, D answers. The user selects one answer. Each A, B, C, D is set to calculate 1 point for the letter's corresponding style - Bold, Expressive, Sensitive, Technical.  At the end the person may have 12 for Bold, 3 for Expressive, etc. 

I'd like the result slide to look like this (but with each total under the corresponding letter).

I appreciate your time!

Brett Rockwood

Carolyn, this is fairly straightforward but maybe a bit tedious. You need a number variable for each of your 4 choices; set the default value to 0. Then for each answer choice you need to set a trigger to adjust the variable associated with that choice to add 1 to the variable. This trigger should fire when you click the submit button. The order of the triggers on the submit button is important; you need to make sure the "add 1" variable fires before the "submit results" variable. You need to do this for every answer choice in your quiz. So as the learner goes through the quiz making choices the choice made for each question is adding 1 to its associated variable. Then you just display the variable under the letters in your example. To display the variable onscreen you just need to enclose its name in percent marks, e.g., %variable_name_1%. Hope that makes sense.

Brett Rockwood

Hi. It's been a while since I thought about this one but it may not really matter whether they are survey or test questions. If you don't need a standard results slide to submit the scores to an LMS you could use multiple choice survey questions. You just need to assign the trigger to each answer choice to make it add one when the Submit button is pressed.

If you have 4 topics you need 4 number variables set at default as 0. Then each answer choice needs to correspond with you topic and have the trigger set to "add 1" when the user clicks submit to whatever variable (answer) is selected.

It is pretty manual as you have to create a trigger for every answer choice and make sure it is set to add 1 to the proper topic.

Hope that helps.

Kyle Klopf

hi all, this is the only thread I've found so far with anything close to what I'm trying to accomplish.  I'm having a hard time understanding the trigger firing with submission part. can anyone help me out with screenshots of the different triggers? 

For some context, I am setting up a similar game where the user selects multiple words that describe them by using check boxes. I can't get them to add up their respective totals on the results slide, they all end up as "1".