NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Media Library Enhancements

May 07, 2019

We recently released the Storyline 360 media library and customers really love it. That’s why we’re excited to share new updates that make it even easier to organize your assets in the media library.

Now you can rename and add notes to assets. And you can include closed captions and alt text on all your videos and images for alternatively abled learners.

See how it works:

Learn how to get started with media library in this tutorial.

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Randall Skeen

I have been replacing images using the media library. When the images are replaced they no longer have the same size and position in the course if the image is cropped in the "Size & Position" dialog box. All of the "Crop from" changes are being lost (back to "0"). The images are being replaced with images of the exact same dimensions. I have confirmed this in multiple courses. So now if I replace an image using the Media Library I have to go back and resize and reposition the image. I am also posting to support.

Gerald  Perez

In Articulate Storyline 360's latest update, Media Library Enhancements empower e-learning creators with streamlined media management. Users can now effortlessly organize, search, and access assets, ensuring a more efficient and creative content development experience. Military Star Card Phone Number

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