No 180 degree text direction in a shape?

Hi all! I'm using a "round same side corner rectangle" shape (Articulate Storyline 360) that I want to appear to drop down from another object, and then have text inside the shape float down by paragraph. This means that I need to rotate the shape by 180 degrees, but to put the text right-side up again, I need to rotate the text itself by 180 degrees. However, there appears to be no 180 degree option in the Text Direction menu. More Options at the bottom launches the Format Text dialog box, which has the same three directions (horizontal, 90 degrees, 270 degrees) and no 180 option. Before I put in a feature request, I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking an option to do this elsewhere. Thoughts?

For a workaround, I can just create a separate text box on top of the shape, but I prefer to have my text embedded in shapes. Separate text boxes mean more objects to manage and extra work to resize with shapes. 



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Vincent Scoma

Hey Lisa,

Thank you for reaching out! At the moment, those are the three directions we currently have for text direction in a shape. We always welcome feature request! You can submit one here for our development team to look into. 

Another option that might work is utilizing Markers. Markers are a great way to reveal content by hovering over them or clicking on them to see additional text and media.

Here is a quick example:


Please let me know if you have any additional questions! If I am off base, please let me know as well! 

Lisa Spirko

Hi Zachary, sorry I seem to have missed your response a year ago! Yes, I've noticed that the Flip Horizontal feature works great at keeping the text oriented properly. It's just in situations where I have to spin or rotate a shape around an axis that the text becomes incorrectly oriented. Until Articulate deems this behavior worthy of improving, one has workarounds, though. :)