Only show layer on first visit/once


I am trying to only show a "directions" layer once when the slide is viewed for the first time. There are four other slides that link back to the main slide and I do not want the "directions" to appear every time it is linked back. I created variables on the main slide called "DirectionsVisited" set to false, and a trigger to hide directions if "DirectionsViewed is equal to True" however it is still now working. Any advice? 

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Ellen Slavitz

I'm trying to do the same thing. I tried what Walt suggested and it didn't work, so I tried a slightly different approach, which also didn't work. 

I created the Directions layer and Directions Visited variable, with the trigger Set DirectionsVisited to value True When the timeline starts on this layer.  On the Base layer, I created the trigger Show layer Directions When the timeline starts if Directions Visited ≠ [does not equal] value True. 

Doesn't work -- the Directions layer doesn't appear. If I remove the condition, the Directions layer shows on every return to the slide.


Marie Nelson

What I just did on a new project I started was set up a variable called firstvisit and set it to false by default. On the slide I want the directions to appear, I had it set up to automatically show the directions layer if firstvisit is false. Then, on the directions layer I set the firstvisit variable to true when the timeline starts on the layer. Once they're finished, you can hide the layer and even if they revisit the slide, that layer won't show up again.