Pick Many Not Working

Jun 05, 2012

Hi everyone,

You've all been so great with my questions. I'm having issues integrating a pick many slide with pick one slides. I thought I had the slides correctly set up, but when I Preview the scene, the pick one slides work well but the pick many slide does not let me pick more than one. I've attached the file so you can see what I'm talking about, the pick many slide is slide 4.



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Annie Jean

Hi Daniela,

As I can see the buttons have been copied from a Pick one question so they are part of a Button set "Pick one".

I have made some tests and the best way to achieve what you want is to, first, ungroup the button with the image, select the button and right-click. Then, select "Button set" and (None).

Repeat for all four buttons and group with images if necessary.

That should help you.

Don't hesitate to post back if you have any other questions.

Have a nice day!


Heather Wolfe Hall

So...I did not duplicate a Pick One.  I am using clear shapes over elements of a background image as my Pick Objects.  The form view has them setup - the objects are named.  However, when I preview, the hand icon appears overt he click object, but I click the objects and nothing happens.  It doesn't display the expected hot spot/selection indicator, and doesn't register as anything is selected when I hit Submit.  Thoughts?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Did you use a hotspot or shapes you inserted yourself? The hotspot indicator will only appear if you inserted them as hotspots. As for the clear shapes, are they transparent? Did you include a fill associated with them - even though you don't want the user to see them you still need to have them set as filled with a transparent set up. 

If you're able to share your .story file here it's typically easier to troubleshoot them based on that specific set up. You can attach it using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window.