Pick one cursor feedback

Sep 03, 2021

Hi All.

I hope someone can help.  I have questions that require the user to locate an item on the screen.  There are several of these items and only one is required for the answer to be correct.

So far I have used the Pick One question format which work well.  BUT the user gets no feedback on where they have clicked on the screen until they hit the submit button, then they get the Correct/Incorrect layer feedback.

The Hotspot question shows a nice pulsating circle wherever the user clicks on the screen, before they submit.  I don't need the pulsating circle, a nice star would do, but I do need to have some sort of feedback as to where they clicked before they submit, so if they don't like where they clicked they can click somewhere else and the star will relocate to the new click point.

Any suggestions welcome!


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