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Good Afternoon,

This may be a silly question, but it seems as though when I publish at Storyline project the Previous button returns you to the last slide you viewed as opposed to the actual preceding slide. I’m pretty certain that my settings/triggers are correct. Is there any way I can fix this so that the Previous and Next buttons take you to the actual preceding and subsequent slides as listed in the menu?

Thank you in advance!

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Dean Ichikawa

Nah I'll just keep manually configuring it, but I really hope this can be addressed someday. If I could select all slides and set "Previous" to "sequentially previous" or something like that, it would be so helpful. I am asking for this as a loyal customer who has bought both Storyline 1 and 2 for both myself as a contractor and for each of three employers in the past 4 or 5 years, and have been doing workarounds all this time and wondering if it ever will be addressed. Or even to let me know that you're not going to address it for whatever reason, would be nice to know what that reason is.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dean,

Our team hasn't ever said we won't implement a particular feature, as it could happen that something is operating as designed and then we hear from a number of users that they'd want it to be another way such as this situation. That's why feature requests can be so powerful! 

There was the explanation here on how the previous button is set up to behave, although I don't think it gets to the core of the reason you're asking for. 

Yuyen Chang

I just started using SL (360) a few weeks ago and I realize this discussion is 5-6 years old. If anyone can confirm this for me, I will very much appreciate it. 
I'm using ONLY my own custom-made buttons with triggers that I've set up. If I select the "Jump to Previous Slide" trigger for my custom-made previous button, the user should still be taken to the previously-viewed slide (and NOT the actual preceding slide in the SL file), correct?

Jake Hurt

It would be really great if Articulate could add some options for the previous button. We have to manually change every single instance of the previous button because the previous functionality just isn't helpful. 

If you build any kind of menu system the previous button gets confused and loops you around because of what it considers the previously viewed slide.

This has been brought up continually for 6 years, you keep saying about the 'power' of feature requests, well.... where is the fix then?

Crystal Horn

Hey Jake. I know this conversation about the Previous button functionality has been going on for some time.  We have a process for feature requests to help us prioritize and implement features that add the most value for our customers. 

Let me do some digging and see if I can revisit this with my team to make sure we've got it prioritized correctly.  I'll make sure our documentation is up to date with your comments!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Orlando,

This feature has not been implemented yet.

Currently, the trigger 'jump to slide previous slide' when the user clicks the Prev button goes to the slide previously viewed, similar to a browser back button.

  • Example: Slide 1 > Slide 4 > Slide 6 > Prev button > Slide 4
  • Scene 1 from attached file:

As Wendy mentioned above, you can manually set the slide to jump to slide x when user clicks Prev button then slide x would be shown.

  • Example: Slide 1 > Slide 4 > Slide 6 > Prev button > Slide 5
  • Scene 2 from attached file: