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Sep 14, 2012

Hi, I would like to add a button that would allow the user to print the page. It seems like the easiest way would be to add a trigger to a button to execute javascript.  Unfortunately, I know nothing of javascript.  Can someone help me out with what need to goes into that script box?

Thank you!!

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Amirtharaj A

Hi All,

Please follow the below steps to print your Storyline slides, i  think this may be useful.Try this and post your reply

Solution only for Chrome.
Disable the PepperFlash plug-in in Chrome. Follow these steps:

Open a tab in Chrome and type chrome://plugins  in the URL bar. Press Enter.
Click Details.
On the Plug-ins page, in the Adobe Flash Player section, click Disable.

Then restart your browser and check now.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Helena -- Thanks for reaching out! As there hasn't been activity in this discussion for quite some time, it's possible that Amirtharaj or others may no longer be subscribed. If you would like to reach out with your inquiry directly, you are welcome to use the "Contact Me" link on a participants profile page to do so. 

Mark Ramsey

I don't know whether this assist others in this thread, but I came up with an alternate solution. It's a bit more involved on the Javascript side. I create an entire new HTML page using Javascript that you can brand and form anyway you like, then use the browser controls to print. It is more involved, and you would probably need a good HTML lay-out person to get your branding/layout correct, but it works in all browsers and evidently is not even cached, just placed in temp memory. Here's the link:

joanne k

This thread comes close to my issue. I need to print the window but it has a scroll bar. The content changes within the scroll bar based on choices user make for 3 different questions, and variables place the answers in the window. Is there a way to use the java script idea to print all of the content within the scrollbar?

Felix Franke

"To the question about not printing the "print me" button, you might try adding a trigger to hide the print button before calling the JavaScript to print the page. "

Haha, that made me laugh, it's so simple. Just tried it out, it actually works. Thank you! The order of the triggers is essential though, as described.

Sorry old thread but this so ingeniously simple I had to leave my kudos.

Joe Tansengco

Hello Ismail, 

While not officially supported, here's a method that was shared by someone from the community which explains how you can print almost anything in Storyline 360: 

Hope this helps! You are also welcome to raise a feature request for any additional printing functions that you'd like to see in future releases of Storyline 360.