Problem adding more hyperlinks to a text box

I have a text box containing text with several links. In effect each line or bullet takes you to a different link.

So far so good. But I now want to add another link to the list between two existing links and it appears impossible to do so. When I add the next text and highlight it, it is already automatically added to the previous link text and there is no obvious way to separate the two. Am I misisng something obvoius or is this a bug?  I know adding a hotspot could be a work round but its a clumsy one. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Peter,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. I tested this on my end and was able to reproduce exactly what you are describing. The only workarounds I can offer at this point are using separate text boxes for each link, or using a hotspot as you mentioned. 

I wanted to let you know I have submitted the issue to our Quality Assurance team, and although I cannot provide a timeline in regards to when I'll have an update, I'll certainly share new information here in this thread as it becomes available.

Peter Phillips

Thanks for the quick response Alyssa, even if you've only confirmed the bug.

You would think there must be a way of indicating to SL the end of a piece of text for a link. Clearly Return doesn't do that, nor does a new bullet (rather surprisingly). I wonder if your tech folk know of a key combo  that does it?


Alyssa Gomez

Absolutely! This was a new one for me, so I was excited to tackle it. From what I can see, the only way you can add multiple hyperlinks to one text box is if you type your entire list first then add all the hyperlinks. If later you need to add another hyperlink, you can't do that because the new line will inherit the link from the line above. 

I'm still trying various workarounds on my end, but so far I haven't had success. If you happen to stumble across something that works, let us know! Until then, the issue is in the hands of our stellar QA team :)

Nora Cloonan

Hi there, I'm wondering if this was ever resolved?  I'm working in Storyline 360 and attempting to put multiple hyperlinked, text items in one text box as in a Bibliography.  What is happening is when I highlight the text and attempt to add or change the hyperlink, it changes the hyperlink for the other text, whether before or after.  Honestly, its driving me kinda batty!

Thanks, Nora

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nora,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience. We do have this issue documented for Storyline 360 as well but do not have the resolution to share at this time.

This conversation is linked to the report so that we can update you here when we have additional information.

We do have a couple of workarounds listed:

  • Use separate text boxes for each hyperlink
  • Use hotspots for hyperlinks instead of using the Insert Hyperlink button
Melissa Maher

Chiming in here. Has anyone found a workaround to this multiple hyperlinks issue within the markers? It's literally the only reason I need to use the marker. We include a list of reference links on the slides, and the marker functionality is perfect for what I need. Developers shouldn't have to program a slide layer and add triggers to work around this very basic functionality. The bug has been present for many years, it seems. It's very frustrating.

Melissa Maher

I tried the hotspot workaround and it doesn't work. The marker always blocks the hotspot, regardless of z order in the timeline (hotspot sitting on top of the marker). I tested this by making a large hotspot, bigger than the popup text label, and the hotspot is only accessible outside the label. Just an FYI, in case anyone is going to try the hotspot method. It doesn't work. :(

Melissa Maher

I found a workaround that mimics the marker almost exactly, but which allows multiple hyperlinks and doesn't involve slide layers and many triggers. These were my steps:

  1. I inserted a button with no fill and no line, chose an icon that looks like the marker I wanted, set the color of the icon. These formatting changes recreated the appearance of a marker.
  2. Next, I added a text caption, formatted exactly like the marker label I initially wanted, with my reference text included, to the Hover state of the new button. I then inserted a close button (insert shape > "x") in the top right corner of the caption, so I could program it to "close" the popup when clicked. I grouped the caption + the "X" together, applied a wipe entrance animation to the group, and copied the group to the Down and Visited states as well. Note, the label is not in the Normal state. Initial state is set to Normal. This will mimic the functionality of the marker, as the label only appears in hover, down, and visited states. I applied no triggers to the button, and only used it to borrow its built-in multiple states and icon styling options which are identical to the markers.
  3. Next, I added hotspots to the slide approximately where the label text would appear. Here's where I used multiple hotspots next to each other as a workaround for the singular hyperlink limitation of markers. I added another hotspot over the "X". I had to preview the slide and nudge the positioning of the hotspots because it's a blind guess. '
  4. Triggers:
    1. Hotspot over the "X" - Add a trigger to change the state of the button to normal when the user clicks the hotspot. This gives the appearance of closing the label.
    2. Hotspots over the other "hyperlink" text as appropriate, which for my project was opening URLs.
Jodi Parish

Hi everyone. This is my simple solution to the multiple hyperlinks issue that's still occurring in storyline. I hope it works for others.

I use the marker's built-in heading and work in there instead of typing in the description area of the callout. If I need to add a new hyperlink, I just start at the end of the heading text and press enter, then type the new one. The hyperlinks do not interfere with one another. I've provided a video showing it working