publish to USB drive?

I'm creating a module in Storyline to be presented at a conference. The conference center has spotty internet service. The module includes videos and attachments. The obvious solution would be to publish to CD, but I don't have a CD writer on my computer, which is ok because she doesn't have a CD player on HER computer. 

So my questions:

  1. Can I use the Publish to CD option to publish to a USB drive?
  2. If not, is there some way I can get the presentation to play from a USB drive in such a way that she can still access the attachments and videos?
  3. If not, and we need to get her access to a CD player and me to a CD writer, will the attachments and videos even work with the Publish to CD option?
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stacy,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are running into with your published output. Are you unzipping the file and viewing the .exe file?

I downloaded your project file and it looks like the last publish was for Web output and not for CD. 

I published for CD and it's viewing as expected for me. Take a look at the attached file, unzip, and launch the .exe and let me know what you see.