Publishing Storyline to launch from Sharepoint.

Aug 05, 2022

I have seen multiple discussions around this but nothing recent enough to provide the information I need. I need to launch a Storyline file being used as a job aid. They do not have an LMS and Rise isn't an option because they have to go through too many layers to get to the first hover over in the job aid. 

I published to web. I don't see in today's version what was mentioned in previous versions. When I went the way of changing the HTML to aspx, it downloads it to my desktop. There must be a trick to it because the only way I could change the HTML to aspx was to use notepad. When I use the story.html "as-is" it opens to a black screen.  Please tell me I'm just missing something and that this can be done. 

Thanks,    Rhonda  :)



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