Publishing to LMS times seem to have increased dramatically

Jun 11, 2021

I have published several courses recently and the time it takes to publish to LMS seems to have increased dramatically.

It's the encoding of the audio and video files that is taking very long. It appears it takes as long as the slide is long.

The course I just published is 27 slides and about a total viewing time of 30 minutes. It took about 30 minutes to publish.

Can I provide my file to someone at Articulate and have you test to see if it happens to you?

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Thomas Gora

Yes, but it in this day and age, having to do all work and publishing from your hard drive is not efficient at all. And to me, not a solution. This makes collaborating with others on the same project much more difficult and time consuming. Even if working solo, I have to now manage versions on our network and my hard drive.